Doggie Waste Away
About Us

Doggie Waste Away is a small, family owned pet waste pick up company based out of Menlo Park since 2006.  We service San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.  At  Doggie Waste Away we pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious company.  Billing and payment processing is completed online to help preserve our natural resources.

The Bay Area and increasingly busy family lifestyles, means that people are overcommitted and willingto take available measures by securing services to recapture some of their time whenever possible. Doggie Waste Away is committed to providing dogs and their owners with the freedom to spend quality time together without worrying about the mess. We will provide prompt and regular waste removal service, but remain flexible to accommodate a laste minute request for any special occasion.






Our Mission:

We strive to provide pet owners with the freedom of owning a pet without having to clean up the mess. We will help to provide you and your family with a healthy environment outside the home.

The Process:
During our service we will survey the entire yard thoroughly looking for pet waste. All dog waste is picked up with a rake. The rake de-thatches the lawn underneath the waste to keep your lawn healthy and clean.  All dog poop is collected and bagged and removed from th premises.